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Fri Oct 15 14:18:19 UTC 2004

On Fri, 15 Oct 2004, Martin Woolley wrote:

> On Friday 15 Oct 2004 12:51 pm, Mark Gumprecht wrote:
> > I, for one, am new to linux and basically have enough knowledge to be
> > dangerous. I've jumped in by using only linux on my work machine, no
> > matter how long it takes to figure it out. Are there any really good
> > books to help out newbies? I have checked out many, but they seem to be
> A general linux book is a jolly fine investment, the fatter the better.
> I have The Complete Reference: Linux Fourth Edition by Richard Peterson
> published by Osborne ISBN 0-07-212940-9, which covers RH7 (amongst others)
> and includes in it a RH7 CD (only one though).  You could have trouble

this book is so far over the head of the average newbie as to be more
confusing than it is worth.  I think I am in the same position and have
searched high and low, and spent hundreds of dollars on worthless books,
they are either too basic (linux for dummies) or like the "Complete
Reference so over the head of the mid line user.

the bookss that have remained on the front of my shelf over the computer

"linux Power Tools" Roderick Smith  publish by Sybex

 .  still advanced but the step by step instructions are followable even
if you don't understand what your doing.

an oldie but still a goodie

"Red Hat Linux, fast and easy"  C & C Witherspoon  pub  by Prima tech

now a good book but it only covers using the K desktop is

"Linux in the Workplace"  Linux Journal Press, pub by No Starch

now for open office org

"OpenOffice.org Resource kit" is the kind of book I would like to see for
all of linux, it is complete and fairly comprehensive without being over
your head, but it only covers Open Office

good luck I am still looking for that book for the rest of us too.


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