[K12OSN] LTSP Setup question.

Samps samps at redjocks.com
Sat Oct 16 01:16:27 UTC 2004

Terrell Prudé, Jr. wrote:

> You're very lucky indeed, unless you're running your K12LTSP servers in 
> the "standard" 2-NIC architecture.  Having eight DHCP servers serving 
> the same broadcast domain can be very, very dangerous.  Yes, I know some 


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When running the domain in a private IP block (10.255 and 192.168) you 
can run as many DHCP servers as you can make subnets.

an example:

A network,, has 2046 usable addresses, from to (255 is broadcast and can't be allocated for 
other use.

Each of four DHCP servers are set up to use as RANGE and 
DHCP server 1 is using a SCOPE of to
DHCP server 2 is using a SCOPE of to
DHCP server 3 is using a SCOPE of to
DHCP server 4 is using a SCOPE of to

No overlaps in the scopes ensures that there won't be address-clashes on 
the network.

If you subnet using a further 1 bit, then you can have twice as many 
DHCP servers, each serving half as many clients.



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