[K12OSN] New Zealand Student Management systems

Noel Corbett raven_512 at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 16 13:08:22 UTC 2004

I apologise for this is not exactly related to this list but I notice that 
there is a few other New Zealanders on here.  Anyway I wonder if any of you 
have read the article regarding MUSAC and other student management systems 
in the InfoTech section of the Dominion last week. If you haven't and would 
like a copy email me off list.
The article basicly states that the government has only accrediated one 
piece of software for use in schools and is spending money to switch schools 
to this new software.  There is concern that the ministry is trying to force 
this single piece of software upon all schools.  What I was wanting to know 
from the people on this list is: is there any interest at all in creating or 
modifying an open source student management system for New Zealand 
So if you have any comments at all about this can you email me at 
raven_512 at hotmail.com


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