[K12OSN] here we go again - reloading 4.1

Carl Keil carl at snarlnet.com
Sun Oct 17 18:14:17 UTC 2004


The problem with an OS that just works for years on end and never needs any
attention is that when you have to reinstall it you can't remember anything
you did to get it working in the first place.  As a counterpoint, I could
probably install and configure a Windows web/ftp server in my sleep now.

Anyway, I upgraded to 4.1 from 4.0.1 and it hosed all my settings.  I think
it did it because I had set it up inititially with eth0 and eth1 reversed.
Now, my client gets past DHCP but hangs on TFTP with the rotating cursor
thing.  It doesn't say it's downloading any kernel or anything.  Does anyone
have a checklist of files to configure?  I tried the suggestions on
"troubleshooting" link to ltsp.org from the k12ltsp page and it's still not

I guess a deeper question is this:  What config files does the 4.1 installer
mess with and what does it do to them?  I'd like to have a complete list of
what gets configured so I could go in there and replace everything.  I've
found IP addresses reversed in all the config files I've looked at.  With
the "outside" IP address every place that should be.

Thanks, I'm on the digest.


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