[K12OSN] can't access samba shares from winxp

cliebow at downeast.net cliebow at downeast.net
Sun Oct 17 22:54:24 UTC 2004

Hey Julius: they all in the same workgroup..otherwise xp is too stupid to
find them..chuck

> Dear Folks,
> 	what do I need to do to have full access to samba shares from a
> winxp computer? The win98 and win2k boxes have no problem finding the
> shares by names set up in smb.conf, like, say "\\private\home". The winxp
> pro can find the samba servers only by address and finds only the publicly
> accessible stuff - nothing with user level authentication. This is the
> case for both K12LTSP 3.1.2 and 4.1.0. It is rather annoying to users and
> they annoy me in turn, unfortunately I am really hoplessly lost when it
> comes to M$ setups. Thanks, julius
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