[K12OSN] my laptop in the lab

Liam Marshall lsrpm at mts.net
Mon Oct 18 14:47:44 UTC 2004

I have a reasonably well working lab setup with a ltsp server and 31
thin clients.

I teach project images from my laptop which I boot into the network from
the nic, effectively making my laptop a thin client.  I also check my
mail, etc while logged in as a thin client.

My laptop, stand alone, is loaded with a dual boot windows XP (the evil
empire) and a Fedora Core 1 installation.  I check my mail while not
connected to the LTSP as well.

this leaves me with mail in two locations.  I would like to consolidate
the mail.  and save stuff to my local hd so I can take it home to mark

Is it possible to connect my Core 1 installation to the LTSP server and
access the "shares" on it?  Then I would not connect via LTSP but
through that other way and still be able to show a screen to the kids
similar to what they are looking at, and get files that I can "take
home" on my local hard drive.

opinions?  Advice?

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