[K12OSN] NIS user authenticated OK but nothing works

Martin Woolley sysadmin at handsworth.bham.sch.uk
Tue Oct 19 07:32:00 UTC 2004

Greetings and Felicitaions

we have an NIS problem which would appear from googling on various news groups 
that this has been an FAQ.  Shame it isn't a frequently answered question. 
:-)  I know that there a few NIS users in the LTSP community, so perhaps some 
one out there has seen this or a similar problem before.

We are running FC1, ypserv --version ypse
v (ypserv) 2.8 ypbind --version ypbind (ypbind-mt) 1.12  I setup NIS and users 
authenicate up to a point (ie they can login) but once they are logged in, 
they cannot access very much.  It would appear that this is because their uid 
is not being translated to a uname.  Here is a short terminal capture session 
(on a yp client) :-

[I have no name!@bart ahmeo04]$ id
uid=590 gid=100(users) groups=100(users)
[I have no name!@bart ahmeo04]$ ypmatch chris group
[I have no name!@bart ahmeo04]$ ypmatch 590 passwd.byuid
Can't match key 590 in map passwd.byuid. Reason: Internal NIS error
[I have no name!@bart ahmeo04]$ yppasswd
yppasswd: can't find the master ypserver: Internal NIS error
[I have no name!@bart ahmeo04]$

Note especially the "I have no name!"; this should display uname. If I am 
logged in as root, the ypmatch command above works fine :-

[root at bart root]# ypmatch 590 passwd.byuid
ahmeo04:eq8ubhpZrFqSU:590:100:Ahmed Omar:/home/LISA/ahmeo04:/bin/bash
[root at bart root]# echo $PS1
[\u@\h \W]\$

When I ran ypserv in debug mode, the following messages were displayed in 
response to the ypmatch command above (as the NIS authenticated user) :-

ypproc_match(): [From:]
                domainname = "hgs.nis"
                mapname = "passwd.byname"
                keydat = "ahmeo04"
connect from
        -> Ignored (not a valid source host)

I have used the makedbm command to dump out the contents of the db files (on 
the server) and can see all of the data as it should be. So in a nutshell, 
only root is to be able to resolve the passwd maps through yp.  No regular 
user has access to them and as a consequence no one can change their password 
or indeed access any application that needs to resolve a uid to a uname. (eg 
open office, abiword, koffice, etc, etc).

If anyone knows how to mend this, would they please let me know?
Martin Woolley
ICT Support
Handsworth Grammar School
Isis Astarte Diana Hecate Demeter Kali Inanna

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