[K12OSN] Changing default web browser (globaly)

Martin Woolley sysadmin at handsworth.bham.sch.uk
Tue Oct 19 08:00:46 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 19 Oct 2004 5:06 am, Robert Arkiletian wrote:
> Burroughs, Henry wrote:
> >You can tell I'm on a roll tonight. ;-)  What do I need to modify so that
> > when the user clicks on the "web-browser" button on the GNOME panel for
> > it to launch an alternate browser (ie: Firefox) instead of mozilla.  I
> > basically know how the  gnome-default-applications-properties program
> > modifies settings for the user, but where are the global/default
> > settings?  I'm trying to get it switched over before I have everyone pile
> > onto the new server.  Have a great evening!
> I tried to do it like this:
> 1) Installed Firefox in /usr/local/firefox-installer/

Dunno about gnome but I did something similar under kde; in our case we wanted 
the users to run opera rather than mozilla.  Under kde, clicking the mozilla 
icon runs the command "mozilla %u".   mozilla is /usr/bin/mozilla, which is 
the bash script which lauches the brower.  I changed this to be a two line 
script :-

if I wanted to do this for firefox, at our site it would be :-

voila, the users click on the mozilla icon, and opera appears (and the users 
look very confused!)
Martin Woolley
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Handsworth Grammar School
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