[K12OSN] my laptop in the lab

Paul Pianta pantz at lqt.ca
Tue Oct 19 17:53:24 UTC 2004

Les Mikesell wrote:

>On Mon, 2004-10-18 at 09:47, Liam Marshall wrote:
>>Is it possible to connect my Core 1 installation to the LTSP server and
>>access the "shares" on it?  Then I would not connect via LTSP but
>>through that other way and still be able to show a screen to the kids
>>similar to what they are looking at, and get files that I can "take
>>home" on my local hard drive.
>>opinions?  Advice?
>One way would be to configure the laptop to boot standalone in text
>mode.  Then, instead of network-booting and becoming a thin client
>you can type 'X -query server' to get the graphical login to the
>lab server where everything will work the same as before.  However,
>from a terminal window you can ssh back to the laptop and run programs
>there.  If you run evolution (or your normal mail client) that way,
>it will store the files on the laptop instead of the server.
>After you log out of the thin client session you may have to kill
>the X session with ctl-alt-backspace to stop the cycle of login screens
>and use 'startx' if you want to run a local desktop session.
>Alternatively, you can run your normal laptop X desktop but ssh to
>the server to start certain programs that you prefer to run there.
>However you won't get exactly the same menus and window manager as
>the other thin clients that way.
That's absolutely brilliant! I had never considered that as a solution 
to syncing mail. Thanks for the tip!


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