[K12OSN] Woe is me: Onboard SCSI/RAID Controller

Robert Arkiletian robark at telus.net
Wed Oct 20 03:45:12 UTC 2004

Debbie Schiel wrote:

>> Which version of k12ltsp did you try the dud disk with before 3.1.2?
> I tried my original 4.1.0 and then the 4.1.1

I just checked Mr. Gibbs site.
He has DUD disks for the following distros

rh Redhat
rhel Redhat Enterprise Linux
sl SUSE linux
sles SUSE linux enterprise server
ul United linux (i think)

I don't see any for Fedora Core so I'm not surprised the DUD did not work.

>> Did you use the dud disk with 3.1.2?
> No I didn't need it with 3.1.2. RH installed the driver all 
> automatically.

I hate to tell you this but the driver that comes with RH9 is old. It 
may work but I am not using it. I read people had problems with it. I 
used Mr. Gibbs DUD disk for RH9 i686 with 3.1.2
I just did a search and I think even 4.0.1 (FC1) with kernel 2.4.22 
should have it too. Check this out


search for aic79xx
So only 3.1.2 needs the DUD not because it won't work, but because the 
driver is old. Try this

cat /proc/scsi/aic79xx/0

to see what version you are using. If it's before 1.3.8 I think it's too 
old. This is my guess, not my experience. I am using 1.3.11

> Yes - problems there - The hardware browser picks up only ONE network 
> card but I know there are two...

Hmm. try

su -
# ifconfig -a


#lspci -vv

to tell you about attached devices.  I know they will work with 
Slackware. type
"man lspci" or "man ifconfig" if you want to know more about them.

> Thanks Robert. I think it's fantastic that everyone has so much advice 
> and expertize to offer and does so gladly.

No problem. This is what FOSS is all about.

Robert Arkiletian

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