[K12OSN] NIS user authenticated OK but nothing works

Martin Woolley sysadmin at handsworth.bham.sch.uk
Wed Oct 20 07:49:46 UTC 2004

On Tuesday 19 Oct 2004 12:46 pm, Lewis Holcroft wrote:
> Martin,
> Is your /var/yp/securenets file setup to allow access to the client
> subnets? Just a guess. I'm new to this NIS stuff and this is the best I
> could come up with pre coffee.

Oh yes; that's the first thing I checked.  
I've setup NIS/NFS with the O'Reilly book in one hand and this tutorial on the 
screen http://freeos.com/articles/2843/ and still it doesn't work.  Perhaps 
the NIS software is broken?  I gather from various newsgroups that people are 
moving away from NIS to LDAP (which I can well do without as I've found LDAP 
to be very fragile and very difficult to setup).    Does anyone have any 
working NIS installations and if so, are they williing to share config files?
Martin Woolley
ICT Support
Handsworth Grammar School
Isis Astarte Diana Hecate Demeter Kali Inanna

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