[K12OSN] Re: #$%@$Student hotmail not working

dale.quigg at aspentech.com dale.quigg at aspentech.com
Wed Oct 20 16:02:11 UTC 2004

Jim Christiansen wrote:
> Yes, thanks everyone.  The best solution would be to host our own 
> mail.
> I have a couple of students trying to put together a mail server, but 
> they are struggling.  I have never put one together before... and have 
> not yet given them the time and help to figure out how to set up imap 
> cyrus and what ever else they are working on.

> Anyone know of a nice rpm, wiki, readme or magic ball that a beginner
> webmail student admin and rookie teacher could use?  I do my own dns, so 
> that is taken care of for the mail system.  As usual, I appreciate all 
> comments and suggestions.  Jim

You may also want to consider ClarkConnect at www.clarkconnect.com.

The thing I like about them is that for a reasonable fee, they provide
automated updates to the OS, updates to the DansGuardian blacklists, system
monitoring, etc.

I've been pleased with their product and service.

Hope this helps.
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