[K12OSN] Squid & Content filtering

KJ ksj2010 at myrealbox.com
Wed Oct 20 18:28:26 UTC 2004

I have installed (Finally!) K12 LTSP and it is working great!  I had a 
bad CD player, took me weeks to figure that out (I'm not worthy to be a 
geek anymore!)  :-)

Now my question is Squid and Content filtering.  I have been unable to 
get Squid to work, I'm not really sure where to look or what to do to 
get started, can anyone point me in the right direction?  (ie. websites 
with HOWTO's or something)  I'd really appreciate it.

Also if you can tell me what you use for content filtering and what 
seems to be the best, I'd really appreciate it!

Thanks in advance,
The "How far the mighty have fallen" geek

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