[K12OSN] Pros & Cons of upgrading a Production Server from RH8.0 to FC2?

Roger Morris roger.in.eugene at gmail.com
Wed Oct 20 19:34:41 UTC 2004

> I wouldn't upgrade during the middle of the year on production servers.
Neither would I. 
If you did feel the urge to upgrade now, I'd suggest getting another
hard drive, install it in the computer and install to the new hard
drive.  If the server doesn't work the way you want, boot to the old
For the ultra-paranoid, do a swap of the drive cable so that only 1
drive is working at a time.   That way, you can be sure that the
install won't mess with the working drive.  It could be a way for you
to do an install and get it working the way you want before you go
live.   Once you start an upgrade on an existing system, you're locked

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