[K12OSN] backing up user prefs & docs

Debbie Schiel debbie at redeemer.qld.edu.au
Thu Oct 21 05:15:45 UTC 2004

Hi all,

This is probably a simple task but I don't know how to do it.

I just want to make a backup of a user's files & prefs & settings, eg: 

I copied the /home/guest folder as root (so included hidden files).
Then I created user 'guest' with same user ID & password on another 
machine and replaced the /home/guest folder with the one I had just copied.
Resulted in errors when I tried to log in as guest.

If this is the way one is supposed to do it (i.e. just a straight copy 
of /home/user) then I can work on the errors and try fix whatever I've 
done wrong. But is there a "proper" way of backing up user prefs & docs?



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