[K12OSN] #$%@$Student hotmail not working

Jim Hays haysja at sages.us
Thu Oct 21 15:05:53 UTC 2004

SME Server 6.0.1 (http://e-smith.org) is a very good general purpose 
server that had a good email system built-in.  Nothing to set up, 
nothing to configure.  Give the students and account on the server and 
it's ready to go.

If you want just an internal server, put it inside your network with a 
private IP, set up a DNS record on your DNS server and you are all set.  
If you want it to be public you will need to take steps to make the 
server available to the public Internet. 

It is very easy and way better that relying on an external entity for 
your student email. 

Jim Christiansen wrote:

> Thank you to everyone who has given me help with the Hotmail troubles 
> and installing a student mail system.  Evidently we were not the only 
> school in this region to have had sporadic hotmail access a couple of 
> days ago.  What it did show us though is that we have so much to gain 
> by providing our own mail system, I really ought to figure out how to 
> get one going!  Jim Christiansen
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