[K12OSN] moving /home to separate drive

Burke Almquist balmquist at mindfirestudios.com
Thu Oct 21 19:46:05 UTC 2004

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Drop in a new drive, and partition/format. (use whatever tools you need 
here) Then mount your new drive with this
mkdir /mnt/newdrive mount /dev/sd(x) /mnt/newdrive

Go to single user mode and copy all your data over (cp -a /home 
Unmount /home, change the fstab file to reflect your new home 
drive/partition and remount.
You should now be able to use the old home drive/partition for 
something else.
Now you should be able to choose to NOT erase the new /home partition 
when you to a clean install of 4.1

Anyone have something else to add?

On Oct 21, 2004, at 11:02 AM, Carl Keil wrote:

> Does anyone have any tips for moving /home to a separate drive and 
> then upgrading to 4.1 without losing all the /home data?
> Anybody got a step by step procedure written down for doing this?
> Thanks so much,
> ck
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