[K12OSN] FreeNX setup for Fedora 2...K12LTSP? Try this...

Pete pvdw at criticalcontrol.com
Thu Oct 21 22:16:48 UTC 2004

David Trask wrote:

>Hey all,
>Right now all I have is a production server, but I may try this on a
>sandbox in a couple days....here's the deal....I'm interested in getting
>FreeNX running on K12LTSP.  If you don't know anything about NX....I urge
>you to go to the www.nomachine.com web site and sign up for a free trial
>and connect to one of their remote servers via the client.  Given the
>specs of the server....in Italy no less....the speed was quite good. 
>Anyway...the free Open Source version is FreeNX and there are instructions
>for putting it on Fedora Core 2 (and others if you uncomment lines) here  
> http://fedoranews.org/contributors/rick_stout/freenx/   
>If anyone gets a chance to try it out...let me know how you made out....if
>you were successful I might give it a go on my production server....it
>runs on sshd so it may be a way for us to offer off site access to our
>servers....or by use of a WAN.  Knoppix now comes with the client.  But
>the client is free for all OS's.  Check the site out....does anyone see
>why it wouldn't work on a stock K12LTSP server?  (as another method of
>distributing the session?)
>David N. Trask
>Technology Teacher/Coordinator
>Vassalboro Community School
>dtrask at vcs.u52.k12.me.us
Check http://ltsp.criticalcontrol.com on the bottom is a how-to install 
the FreeNX server from scratch.
The rpm's work just fine (make sure you remove everything from a source 
install if you try the rpm's including users that get created)
I had nxviewer working on a client inside a gnome session.
It would be nice to have X-compression between server and DCs, this 
would require a special screen script I think.



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