[K12OSN] Introduction/Question

David H. Barr david at okgoodwill.org
Fri Oct 22 13:38:36 UTC 2004

Doing some quick scanning through the usual suspects, I find the

mATX Video / Audio onboard for about $25:

~333/300 Celeron's (no fan) for ~$10:

3.99 10 / 100's (ne2000 shoudl be linux compat.):

Good luck with your project, and tell iDeath over at FG.PDX I said hello


Around Friday, October 22, 2004 7:30 AM:, Quinn Smith
<mailto:quinn3 at qwest.net> wrote: 
> Hello-I am quinn smith 5th grade teacher at Buckman Elementary in
> Portland. With the help of some very kind people (freegeek.org, Paul
> Nelson, Eric Harris, and many others) I have a 12 client working LTSP
> lab in my classroom. I have several needs.   
> First, I need to learn the basics of Linux/Fedora 2. I am a moderate
> Windows 9x user but the skill set doesn't appear transferable can
> someone offer a direction on developing basic skills.  
> Secondly, I need to learn basic networking. I am familiar with the
> components of the basic network (wan/lan,nic,router, switch, etc..)
> but would appreciate a direction, link that can provide the
> development of a skill set.   
> Thirdly, I would like to build some small form factor thin clients
> using Netvista boxes. Can someone recommend a source for lowcost
> (mini atx?) motherboards with built in audio/video/lan? Computer
> Geeks (compgeeks.com) has socket 370 celeron 500's for $10.50.   
> Lastly, if you have or are considering building a lab in an
> elementary school lets connect and share knowledge (however limited
> it might be, at least on my part...). I am willing to help.  
> Thank you to all who help. Especially to Paul and Eric and
> FreeGeeks.org. 

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