[K12OSN] Setting ICE as default for 4.1

Quinn Smith quinn3 at qwest.net
Sun Oct 24 17:35:33 UTC 2004

I have 4.1 running and would like to limit the program content available on the desktop. IceWM was demonstrated as a mean to limit program content on the desktop plus reduce overhead. I did a search for "set ice default." The directions read as follow

3.3 How to make IceWM my default window manager?
In order to run IceWm, you must assure that the executable (called icewm) is in your path. You should then add IceWM to your X start-up script (which could be .xinitrc, .xsession, or .xclients)

I need to understand 
-how to locate files (like xintrc etc...)
-how to place the executable in the path (is this like DOS where you define the path to a file?)
-how to set the default to IceWm.
-how to modify IceWm to contain content I specifiy (Paul showed me a IceWm window with what appeared to be a "program name" and a "executable name" (that when typed launched the specified program).

Finally thanks to the many that answered my Introduction/Questions. I will promptly set about reading the how to links and the books mentioned as well as ask my students for input on integrating the lab into their instruction. I appreciated the PN qoute about "the real question is how should kids be using computers in schools...?" Once again thank you.
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