[K12OSN] Purging ALL users

Scott Sherrill scott at hancock.k12.mi.us
Mon Oct 25 19:44:33 UTC 2004

>3) is there any way to kill ALL users processes without 
>bunkfidarnaking up the server and without rebooting?


We use a script that was posted to the list long long ago called 
unclean.  I can credit the author (but thanks whomever you are).

Here's the script:

#! /usr/bin/env python2

import os

names = ['root', 'bin', 'daemon', 'adm', 'lp',
          'sync', 'shutdown', 'halt', 'mail',
          'news', 'uucp', 'operator', 'games',
          'gopher', 'ftp', 'nobody', 'vcsa',
          'mailnull', 'rpm', 'ntp', 'rpc', 'xfs',
          'rpcuser', 'nfsnobody', 'nscd', 'ident',
          'radvd', 'named', 'pcap', 'amanda',
          'gdm', 'scott']

os.system('ps aux > .ps.dat')
lines = open('.ps.dat').readlines()
for line in lines[1:]:
     if line.split()[0] not in names:
         os.system('kill -9 %s' % line.split()[1])

I run unclean 1/night by cron to clean up all the cruft before the 
next day begins.  Just put whatever usernames NOT to kill in the list 
above and off ya go.


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