[K12OSN] Games!

Wilson Chan wilson at wilsonch.gotdns.com
Mon Oct 25 20:54:29 UTC 2004

> Here's a fun topic...
> What are some games that you allow your users to use on thin clients? 
> I'm looking for some games that are fun, low bandwidth, don't require 3d 
> acceleration, and don't tend to hog CPU.  (I had to take xboard off my 
> server, as it would daily eat 2-3 CPUs pegged at 100% usage.  Thanks to 
> verynice, it was manageable, but still annoying)
> Offhand, I allow:
> sol
> mahjongg (eats bandwidth, but SOOOO popular)
> gnomine
> gnect
> kbounce
> Also, games that keep system-wide high scores are more fun too. :)
> Any suggestions?
> -Shawn

Frozen Bubble is lots of fun and works quite well on thin clients. Haven't checked out the cpu/mem usage on it though. :) 


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