[K12OSN] Definitive guide to editing gnome menus?

Debbie Schiel debbie at redeemer.qld.edu.au
Tue Oct 26 11:44:54 UTC 2004

Hi all,

Does anyone have *the* guide to editing the 'start menu'?

I'm using the k12ltsp 4.1.0 install (Fedora Core 2) and the default 
out-of-the-box session (gnome??).

I have tried the methods described on the Gnome.org/learn site, and 
followed suggestions from previous posts in k12osn, without luck. I have 
somehow been able to *add* to the menu - but they're duplicates of what 
is already there... I don't want to delete the apps, just make them 
unavailable to groups/users.

Going on my past experiences, I reckon I would probably get there in the 
end, but tips and advice could make my 'journey' a lot shorter. (They're 
also very encouraging!)




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