[K12OSN] rdesktop question

Chris Hobbs chobbs at silvervalley.k12.ca.us
Wed Oct 27 16:30:14 UTC 2004

Shawn Powers wrote:

> Should I just wrap rdesktop into a script that calls with with the -4 
> flag? 

That's how I'd do it - rename rdesktop to rdesktop.orig and create a 
script in the original location called rdesktop:

----8< SCRIPT >8----

/path/to/rdesktop.orig -4 $@
----8< SCRIPT >8----

The $@ should pull all other command line arguments into the call to 
rdesktop.orig. This does mean if someone calls it with a -5 I'd expect 
it to take precedent. I suppose you could move the -4 after the $@ to 
avoid that problem. You might have to experiment :)

Hope this helps!


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