OT email was Re: [K12OSN] Thread Hi-jacking

Roger Morris roger.in.eugene at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 16:30:33 UTC 2004

On 27 Oct 2004 23:20:48 +0800, Gavin Chester <sales at ecosolutions.com.au> 
> SORRY, couldn't resist hijacking this thread to ask what the flipping
> heck is this gmail invites that youse guys have mentioned here before??
> I know my head is in the sand (or up my ...) but it's got me baffled why
> I would want to take up an invite to an email service (it's google's new
> version of hotmail, isn't it?).  Please humour me.
It is web based.  Notably, you get 1 gig of space..  they only offer
it via invites.  Every couple of weeks they give you some invites to
Some addtional info is at gmail.google.com.  
The only annoyance (that I can think of right now), is they display
links on the right, kind of like how they display links on their
search page.  I don't even notice them at all, so it's not that big of
a deal to me..

still have 6 invites

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