[K12OSN] Re: Help! Squidguard will not obey the ACLs in the conf file

joseph.bishay at utoronto.ca joseph.bishay at utoronto.ca
Wed Oct 27 18:29:11 UTC 2004


> We would probably have to see a copy of your squidGuard.conf file to
> be able to help you troubleshoot the problem.

I've included it below. My apologies for pasting in something long.

# See http://www.squidguard.org/config/ for more examples

dbhome /var/squidGuard/blacklists
logdir /var/log/squidGuard

dest ads {
    log        ads
    domainlist    ads/domains
    urllist        ads/urls

dest audio-video {
    log        audio-video
    domainlist    audio-video/domains
    urllist        audio-video/urls

dest aggressive {
    log        aggressive
    domainlist    aggressive/domains
    urllist        aggressive/urls

dest drugs {
    log        drugs
    domainlist    drugs/domains
    urllist        drugs/urls

dest gambling{
    log        gambling
    domainlist    gambling/domains
    urllist        gambling/urls

dest hacking {
    log        hacking
    domainlist    hacking/domains
    urllist        hacking/urls

dest mail {
    log        mail
    domainlist    mail/domains
    urllist        mail/urls

dest porn{
    log        porn
    domainlist    porn/domains
    urllist        porn/urls

dest proxy{
    log        proxy
    domainlist    proxy/domains
    urllist        proxy/urls

dest violence{
    log        violence
    domainlist    violence/domains
    urllist        violence/urls

dest warez{
    log        warez
    domainlist    warez/domains
    urllist        warez/urls

dest local-ok{
    domainlist      local-ok/domains
    urllist         local-ok/urls

dest local-block{
    log             local-block
    domainlist      local-block/domains
    urllist         local-block/urls

acl {
    default {
	# the default categories are conservative, please add any
	# categories listed above or simply comment out this line and
	# out the line below it.
#        pass local-ok !local-block !gambling !porn !warez all
        pass local-ok !local-block !aggressive !drugs !gambling !hacking
!porn !proxy !violence !warez all

	redirect 302:http://k12server/forbidden_content.html
#        redirect
        # redirect

***End paste***

> I just use this script that I tweaked that rebuilds the filter lists
> and then restarts squidguard.
> This usually helps apply any changes I've made.

I was able to rebuild the filter list from the online blacklists no
problem.  I tried restarting squid by using /etc/init.d/squidguard
restart, which was successful, but no changes seemed to have work as I can
still access www.allmp3s.com and www.hotmail.com


> You will automatically know that my background is MS when I ask if you
> rebooted the server ;>. 

Since my background is the same, it was the first thing I tried :)

> Gavin's Addonz have fixed that for me now.) Also, after Hotmail was blocked
> by manually editing the acl list, students googled and were able to access
> hotmail using the Japanese link. I had to block passport.msn.com if I
> remember correctly. Even now if someone is using MSN Messenger (only faculty
> are allowed to do so) they can still access hotmail.
> hth
> Tim

I have a problem with the students now all logging onto emessenger.net to
chat all over the place, so I will next have to add that to the


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