[K12OSN] Push Item to Desktop Problem

Liam Marshall lsrpm at mts.net
Wed Oct 27 18:49:14 UTC 2004

I believe the problem I am having Pushing Items to Desktops is related 
to the fact that the majority of my users home directories are NOT 
directly off of the Home directory.  Instead they are off of branches in 
the home directory

ie:  /home/com30s/user1, /home/com30s/user2, etc
ie:  /home/saps/user1, /home/saps/user2, etc

I tried pushing icons to them and they only appear if their home 
directory is off of Home directly.  How could I push them to these other 
branches, if possible.  That would be much appreaciated.  Typing in long 
urls in 30 copies of the browser is not so hard for junior or senior 
high students but takes a prohibitavely long time for elementary 
grades.  An icon pointing to the site would be best, and pushing said 
icon to every desktop would be the best way of doing that

Please Please help

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