[K12OSN] Push Item to Desktop Problem

Adam Melancon adammelancon at gmail.com
Wed Oct 27 19:09:19 UTC 2004

Don't quote me on it, but I'm guessing you can edit the 
script to include your directories in the /home folder

Here is the top of the file
# A quick-n-dirty little script that will copy an icon to all user's
# GNOME/KDE desktops

# if you have $HOME somewhere besides /home, or more than one home,
# edit this line:
Just edit the HOMEDIRS variable to something like "/home/*/"
Again, i'm just guessing, use with caution. 
; )

On Wed, 27 Oct 2004 13:49:14 -0500, Liam Marshall <lsrpm at mts.net> wrote:
> I believe the problem I am having Pushing Items to Desktops is related
> to the fact that the majority of my users home directories are NOT
> directly off of the Home directory.  Instead they are off of branches in
> the home directory
> ie:  /home/com30s/user1, /home/com30s/user2, etc
> ie:  /home/saps/user1, /home/saps/user2, etc
> I tried pushing icons to them and they only appear if their home
> directory is off of Home directly.  How could I push them to these other
> branches, if possible.  That would be much appreaciated.  Typing in long
> urls in 30 copies of the browser is not so hard for junior or senior
> high students but takes a prohibitavely long time for elementary
> grades.  An icon pointing to the site would be best, and pushing said
> icon to every desktop would be the best way of doing that
> Please Please help
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