[K12OSN] Apache

aust_txv at ACCESS-K12.org aust_txv at ACCESS-K12.org
Wed Oct 27 20:39:33 UTC 2004

> I have Apache on one of my servers.  The Macs can see
> the web pages, but Windows can't. Does anyone have any
> suggestions on what might be wrong?  This is for a
> schools inside web pages.

Don't know if this helps.  On my internal network many users report IE will 
not find the web server without using http://x.x.x.x.  Meaning 
ip.of.the.server in the   URL window does not work.   Try 
http://ip.of.the.server/ if you are using IE on a PC.  I would not know I 
only use Mozilla and or FireFox :)
Tom Ventresco

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