[K12OSN] not turning on DHCP by default

Guy Lessard glessard at coll-outao.qc.ca
Fri Oct 29 13:45:31 UTC 2004

Jay Pfaffman wrote:

>I've been managing networks and Linux for 10 years.  Twice in the past
>3 months I've set up a new K12LTSP box and inadvertently had the wrong
>Ethernet port plugged in to the network and brought down the
>building's network (OK, not the whole network, just anyone who
>requested a new IP number via DHCP).
>Am I the only dope?  I recognize the importance of having things just
>work after the install, but perhaps there's some way to provide some
>protection.  I know I'll never make this mistake again, but I said
>that last time.
Here is what i do, before i stick in the nic's i write the last 4 digits 
of the mac address with a felt pen near the RJ-45 connector. Once 
K12ltsp installed, i check the mac-ethx correspondance and write on the 
nic's eth whatever.

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