[K12OSN] Apache OT XAMPP

aust_txv at ACCESS-K12.org aust_txv at ACCESS-K12.org
Fri Oct 29 14:33:37 UTC 2004

> Jennifer Waters wrote:
>> I tried typing the IP address for the webpage name and
>> it would not come up.  I pinged the server from the
>> windows box and it connected.  I then looked at the
>> /var/log/httpd/error_log and it did not see the
>> request from the windows machine.  Any other
>> suggestions you might have?

Hi Jennifer,
What version of apache and OS ?  I don't think your apache error_log will 
show a ping...that is another service on the web server that makes a ping 
reply occur.  You can stop apache and the server will still reply to a ping 

Surely try Petre's idea...that tells you a bunch if successful.

Where are you again in your trouble shooting ?

Telnet or ssh to your server and at the shell open
$>lynx http://ip.of.your.server    (enter)    "q" quits

Does the text only web page come up ?

Also  same idea -

$>lynx http://ip.of.your.server/fakefile.html   look for a fake file you 
know does not exist...

Now check your error_log for apache.  You should see a
DATE [client] File does not exist: 

All this will tell you that Apache is running and taking requests.  Port 
number.  Errors are logging.

Maybe your default server and 1st virtual server are messed up.  The adding 
http:// in IE did not help ?  Strange ? ;(

Tom Ventresco

Should be another post - - FYI  for the group.  I have been using 
www.apachetoolbox.com ATB  for a while.  A nice easy script that compiles a 
bunch of mods for Apache along with PHP and MySQL Apache 1.3.31.  I am in 
the middle of testing the Apache pack called XAMPP at 
http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html  Apache2 with all the bells and 
whistles.  Very successful so far.  Try it out, if you are looking for 
LAMP.  Strange install if you have used rpm or
"tar/make/make install" to install.  Just untar it in /opt/lampp and go. 
Make sure you know where all your helper apps are like Perl and ftp server 
are located... I was very skeptical.  XAMPP gives you a full LAMP nicely 


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