[K12OSN] Broadcast message

Christopher K. Johnson ckjohnson at gwi.net
Fri Oct 29 15:47:41 UTC 2004

Petre Scheie wrote:

> One requirement is that the client workstation must be configured to 
> accept such messages, which in my server-and-one-client K12LSTP ver 
> 3.0.1 here in my cube, the clients are not.  This can be fixed by adding
> xhost +
> to every user's ~/.profile.  This will allow such messages to be sent 
> from the server, but not from other clients which could be a 
> nightmare, e.g. clever students with too much time on their hands.

Unfortunately a clever student would not be burdened by limiting 
authorization to the server, because every command the student executes 
does run on the server, unless provisions are made otherwise by using 
ssh, etc.

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