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Fri Oct 29 15:54:12 UTC 2004


I'm trying to get the "SCREEN_04" rdesktop thing to work and having some
trouble.  We're running LTSP v4.0 with just a few clients and all the
Linux stuff works fine.  

But, now I'm trying to take one of this machines and set it to also be a
Windows 2000 Terminal Services client on a separate screen without having
to log in to an LTSP account.  In other words, I want it to press
Shift-Ctrl-F4 and get a login screen for the Windows Terminal server.

I uncommented the SCREEN_04 = rdesktop lines in the lts.conf (actually in
the section set aside for one client via MAC address):

   SCREEN_01 = startx
and set
   SCREEN_04 = rdesktop
      RDP_Server = (the IP address of my W2K TS machine)
      RDP_OPTIONS = -f -d shoreschool.org

When I press Shift-Ctrl-F4 I get a black screen that says "Press <enter>
to Login".  When I press <Enter> I immediately get an error message that
   Fatal Server error
   Server is already active for display 0
        If this server is no longer running remove /tmp/.X0_lock and start

If I change SCREEN_01 from startx to rdesktop and comment out SCREEN_04,
on boot up I get the black screen with the "Press <enter> to Login" and
pressing Enter brings me to the Win2KTS login screen.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Christopher Butler
Director of Technology
Shore Country Day School
Beverly, MA 01915
cbutler at shoreschool.org

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