[K12OSN] Selective floppy access ???

norbert bear2bar at netscape.net
Sat Oct 30 00:51:39 UTC 2004


We're starting to encounter a problem with the floppyd function.
Recently, without there being any changes to the system cedrtain
thin-client cannot access the local floppy drive. Message is permission
denied, but when I check both the lts.conf and the workstation
permissions these are no different from the other workstation that can
access the local floppy....... any suggestions
K12LTSP V4.0.1
Server P-IV 2.8GHz, 2GB, 2x 80GB SATA HD
Workstations - Compaq P-I mix of 5175 to 5166
NIC 3-Com 905

and no its not a certain box but a mix of ws's..... ?


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