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norbert bear2bar at netscape.net
Sun Oct 31 22:29:00 UTC 2004

haysja at sages.us wrote:

>Abe Loveless and I are giving a presentation on K12LTSP at the Illinois
>Education and Technology Conference in a couple weeks.  Bob Munds and I gave a
>similar presentation at this conference last year.  
>I am looking for "success stories" to include in the presentation.  Can any of
>you send me a brief descrition of how you are using K12LTSP and how it has
>worked out for you?  I need some brief descriptions and good quotes to use in
>the presentation.
>Thank you.
>Jim Hays
>Technology Director
>Monticello CUSD#25
>Monticello, IL  61856
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Hi Jim,

Well let's see will you "post" or publish the list of info received ?

Riverdale High School, Pierrefonds, Quebec.

approx 1000 students & 60 teachers
2 PC labs & 1 Mac lab
PC lab use - 1 used 90% made up of P-III required board technician 2 
full days/mth to maintain plus in-house computer "literate" science teacher
                   - 1 used by 2 teachers made up of Celerons & P-II 
mostly gathering dust as the PC's were constantly crahing
                   - 1 MAC lab used by one teacher for visual arts 
maintained internally

post k12ltsp
same as above except
1 - k12ltsp lab 20 stations used 100% of available time by 29 teachers 
in the first quater of use.
added small cluster of P-III's to aid in video and 3D graphics applications

Positive comments - the K12ltsp lab rocks!!! the teachers & students 
love it
Cons - the board administration does not have any linux expertise and 
the tech union has tried to sabbotage the installs.

Final still to be determined but the linux lab keeps working & the 
others keep crashing ...


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