[K12OSN] Serving profiles

Tom Kovalcik kovalcik at orion-design.com
Wed Sep 1 20:21:01 UTC 2004


I have a bunch of Win2K machines that login to a ltsp machine set up as a 
domain server. The users profile are served from this same machine. I am 
using samba for the authentication. The problem I am having is that the 
entire user profile is copied onto the windows machine. After logout, the 
files are synched back to the server, but a copy of the profile remains on 
the WIn2K machine. I found this when some of the Win2K machines began 
running out of disk space.  The culprit was that there was a profile for 
everyone who had logged in using that machine. Also, users with a lot of 
data in the profile take forever to login.

Is this normal procedure or did I miss a setting in my smb.conf?

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