[K12OSN] Re: LTSP+openmosix

Pedro Marques pmarques at med.up.pt
Thu Sep 2 10:31:45 UTC 2004


	I am trying to use a k12ltsp along with openmosix. I have used the k12ltsp 
4.0 cd for initial instalation and the the openmosix-2.4.22-openmosix3 rpm 
for patching.

	Everything works fine for both ltsp+openmosix server and ltsp clients . 
Now i wanted to make also the ltsp thin clients nodes of openmosix server. 
For that i tryed to recompile the clients kernel but couldn't manage to 
find a kernel configuration suitable for building the clients kernel , can 
you give me any help or point me to the right direction. I new onto kernel 
compilation so it can also be a result of inexperience. Should i use a 
expecif kernel for the clients, and which configuration file should i use?

Thanks in advance

Pedro Marques

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