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Per this M$ article, I am going to go with yes, you need the CALs:


This last sentence of this statement in particular seems to fit your

"Windows 2000 Terminal Services Client Access License: This license
provides each client computer or Windows-based terminal the legal right
to access Terminal Services on a Windows 2000-based server. For example,
you must have this license to start a terminal session and run
Windows-based programs on the server. All non-Windows 2000-based clients
must have this type of license."

Of course I am basing this off you using Terminal Services from Windows
2000 Server.  Windows NT 4 TS and Server 2003 may be different, but
being M$ it's a good bet the licensing requirements will be similar.

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Help me on my thinking here.  If I needed to allow my users access to a 
Windows environment, I could use Microsoft Terminal Services and 
rdesktop, right?  Now, since all of my users would be connecting through

a single machine (the K12LTSP server), does that mean I would only need 
to buy one Client Access License?  Then I could give all my users access

to that "killer app." which only runs on Windows in a thin-client 
environment at very little cost.  Is that right, or am I all wet?

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