[K12OSN] Microsoft Terminal Services

Shane Stafford staffords at glenburn.net
Fri Sep 3 00:36:52 UTC 2004

good discussion, been looking for an answer to this one.  I knew 1 cal
wasn't right.  But, I read about user-cals, which seem to imply that I can
have as many users as I have TS-User Cals.  But it doesn't mean client
stations or actual hardware terminals.   So, can I have 144 clients share
12 user cals, so 13th person is told no.   I'm sure this used to be what
TS-user cals were for, but they may have changed again.....

It is still probably worth the licenses to get the local processing
machines out of the door.


Shane Stafford, MCSE, MCT
Director Information Services Glenburn School and Town
Educational System Integrator/Network Engineer
S & B Consulting

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