[K12OSN] A question about gigabit

Stephen J Smoogen smoogen at lanl.gov
Fri Sep 3 17:52:15 UTC 2004

Huck wrote:
> So if you bond 2 gig nics and put them into the 2 gig uplink ports...you 
> get LOTS of speed?
> --Huck

Bonding requires a lot of ifs.. first it depends on the cards. second it 
depends on the switch, third it depends on the machine, and fourth on 
the topology of the network. When I used to bond 100baseT cards together 
I would get about 75% of the added numbers. IE instead of getting 400 
mbits with 4 cards.. we would get about 300 mbits. Still better than a 
poke in the eye with a stick.. but not what the customer was expecting.

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