[K12OSN] recovery and scroll mouse...

bimal pandit bimalp at indoasian.com
Fri Sep 3 13:46:15 UTC 2004

Dear All,

i had few queries as i am still lokking for some solution on these :-

i am using ltsp-3.0.2 on redhat linux 9.0

1)since my users(Thin Client Nodes) are working on the
server(LTSP-model), and suddenly due to power fluctuation(though we have
UPS) sometimes UPS could not handle it and system gets rebooted, in this
situation the files which were opened and in which the user was
working(has not saved) also gets lost, but since the server is still up
and running perfectly , how can i retrieve their data.

for e.g. a user <user1> was working in openoffice on a document
"abc.doc" now he has done various editing partin it but has not saved
and suddenly system(his) goes down, but as the processes are running on
the server how can i reterieve his file as it was??

also is there a way to do it auto save after every say 30 sec.??, which
could also save a bit of prob.

2)also how can i make use of scroll button of mouse for my clients, as
we can do for normal system using in XF86config

        "ZAxisMapping" "4 5"

hope someone has the answer or a pointer to it.



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