[K12OSN] Mondo fails in 4.1....won't go...ideas?

David Trask dtrask at vcs.u52.k12.me.us
Sat Sep 4 15:31:46 UTC 2004

I have very little for backup....and was simply at least getting some
disaster recovery in place.  I need the least down time if possible.  I'm
open to all sorts of backup scenarios if folks can point me to them or
how-to them for me....I've got lots of NFS shares going back and forth
between many servers...so there's room

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>If it doesn't you may need an update to mondo.  I would guess
>that it has to do approximately the same thing as
>mkinitrd does to build a ramdisk that will provide all the
>modules you need to boot the machine.  I haven't tried
>mondo, mostly because knoppix and the current fedora
>install disks will do a bare-metal boot on most hardware
>and then let you get to a shell where you can format the
>disks and drop in a tar backup over the network.  If
>you understand fdisk, mke2fs, and tar you can rebuild
>on somewhat different hardware or with different disk
>partitioning.  My impression of mondo was that it just
>put things back the way they were.

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Vassalboro Community School
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