[K12OSN] Dansguardian and squid wont play together

aaa at pacifier.com aaa at pacifier.com
Mon Sep 6 14:45:30 UTC 2004

Still frustrated with DG and squid.

Tried the DG list at yahoo, but got no help.
Read the install and tried to follow exactly.

Transparent proxy setup with squid/DG on firewall box running FC2 and
shorewall.  Firewall rule takes anything from the inside adressed to port
80 and routes it to port 3128 (squid)

Squid is caching.
DG is installed. ( I assume there is a rudimentry blacklist with the
install.  I haven't downloaded any blacklists yet.)

watching the DG access.log with tail -f shows no activity.

Trying to access sites that should be filtered - they come up!

I have included my dansguardian.conf file if anyone is willing to help.

Duane Wilson
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