[K12OSN] Tux Paint Config alpha release

Petre Scheie petre at maltzen.net
Tue Sep 7 14:11:00 UTC 2004

What if one LIKES mucking around in config files?  It can be easier to 
script or remotely manage that way.  As long as the GUI is just a 
front-end for a text config file that can be modified by hand, I'm all 
for it. ;-)


Bill Kendrick wrote:

>Hi all, this is Bill Kendrick, the main developer of "Tux Paint"
>(which hopefully most you have seen ;^) )
>Over the past few months, we've been working on a configuration
>front-end for Tux Paint, so people don't have to muck around
>inside a config. file using a text editor.
>It's written in FLTK, and the current alpha release reads and writes
>"~/.tuxpaintrc".  In the future, it will be built for Windows and Mac OS X
>(two places where it's most needed), and will probably also be able to
>load and save Tux Paint configuration files from arbitrary locations.
>Please check it out and send me (us) your feedback!
>  ftp://ftp.sonic.net/pub/users/nbs/unix/x/tuxpaint/config/
>bill at newbreedsoftware.com            Man, some trip this turned out to be.
>http://www.newbreedsoftware.com/       All we caught is a tire, a boot,
>New Breed Software                    a tin can and this book of cliches.
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