[K12OSN] Sleep Problem

Robert Arkiletian robark at telus.net
Wed Sep 8 00:41:26 UTC 2004

Jeremy Lampe wrote:

> I am having a problem with my clients starting to boot and then going 
> to a sleep error. It is not on every client and it is not constantly 
> happening. About once a day I will get a message from a teacher saying 
> her machines are sleeping. At first I thought she was talking about 
> Screensaver/PowerSaver stuff. I went over and she told me that it was 
> happening as it booted and showed me where it was happening (wasn’t 
> doing it while I was there). So, does anyone have any tips or ideas on 
> why I am having this unconsistent intermittent sleep problem? I 
> haven’t personally seen it happen so I don’t know if it is happening 
> looking for the DHCP server or loading the kernel. I do know that she 
> has 2 clients and it only happens on one at a time.
> Thanks,
> Jeremy
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I had a similar problem at one point. It was caused by the schools dhcp 
server giving an ip to the client before my k12ltsp server could give it 
an ip. Basically, you should make sure you don't have 2 dhcp servers on 
the same network. If you can't avoid that then do a search of March or 
April of this year to find a solution how to have them co-exist. Search 
for "2 dhcp servers" in the archives.

Robert A

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