[K12OSN] File Associations for All Users

Jeff Kinz jkinz at kinz.org
Wed Sep 8 16:17:44 UTC 2004

On Wed, Sep 08, 2004 at 11:12:26AM -0500, Mark Cockrell wrote:
> >> Can someone tell me how to set Konqueror's file associations (i.e. MS 
> >> Word documents opened with StarOffice, etc.) for all users in one shot?
> >>
> > Mark:
> >
> > Did you ever get the answer to this? Yesterday I had a high school 
> > student trying to print a flyer that was a pdf -- GVC or some Gnome 
> > program opened the pdf and didn't allow us to request multiple copies, 
> > or change whether or not it printed in color or black and white. I 
> > wanted to try acroread, but ran into problems trying to save the 
> > web-based pdf and open it again. It was very frustrating for the 
> > student and me. By the end, all he wanted was a windows machine. :^(  
> > I looked at the file /etc/mime-types,  but that didn't seem to be what 
> > I thought. I didn't see that you received a response to this..... I'd 
> > like to set acroread as the default application for all pdf's, local 
> > or web-based. Everyone it seems is using pdf's for text documents now 
> > on the web.
> >
> > Rita Gibson
> No, I didn't receive an answer on this list, nor have I been able to 
> find an answer anywhere else.  I know how to do it for each user 
> individually, but not for all of them at once.
> -- 

I believe this setting is konq specific.  

Mark - do you know what file gets modified for an individual user ?

If so, the "locate" command can tell you where files with similar names
exist on the system.  One of them may hold the "global default"

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