[K12OSN] rdesktop resets X?

Pete pvdw at criticalcontrol.com
Thu Sep 9 16:26:14 UTC 2004

Hi All :

I am testing the latest K12LTSP and have the following in my lts.conf :

        SCREEN_01          = startx
        SCREEN_02          = rdesktop -f
        SCREEN_03          = shell

Now all is working except that I got switched to screen 2 automatically 
every minute or so.
(Evil Bill hacked my box ;-))

So when I start up a DC I get a Linux Login screen, after a short period 
(without touching a thing!) I am switched to screen 2...
Same thing happens when I am logged in and working on screen 1, suddenly 
I am 're-directed- to screen 2...
after switching back to screen 1 (and resume work) the process repeats 
every +/- 60 seconds.

Any clues... ?
I can't find a thing in Xorg.logs or messages

I searched a bit in the archives of this list, the only thing I found 
was simular behaviour with older rdesktop versions, upgrading to the 
latest would help.
As I am using the latest K12LTSP and did a yum update 10 minutes ago, I 
assume that this is not the solution to my problem.

K12LTSP 4.1
rdesktop Version 1.3.1
WinT$ : Win -2000



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