[K12OSN] samba-winbind-ads setup

Joe O'Brien jobrien at meridian.wednet.edu
Thu Sep 9 22:37:16 UTC 2004

Despite many reads, and lots of tweaks, I have yet to get the
samba-winbind-ads configuration to work. 
 The closest I got was that wbinfo u and g, and getent passwd returned
the correct values.  Only problem is, my users and I couldnt access the
shares.  We were prompted for usernames and passwords, and despite every
combination we tried, access was always denied.

You may try reseting their ADS password, that has worked for similar
problem we had.  I read it somewhere in all the samba-winbind-ads docs, but
don't remember where now.

Joe O'Brien
Meridian School District

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