[K12OSN] K12LTSP Presentation and Contact List

Stephen J Smoogen smoogen at lanl.gov
Fri Sep 10 15:47:32 UTC 2004

steve at hargadon.com wrote:
> Next week I am giving a presentation on K12LTSP to the Non-Commercial
> Refurbishers Summit in Chicago. 
> (http://pcsforschools.org/ncrs/standards.html)  What started originally as
> a 15 minute slot has now been expanded to 90 minutes, and they have asked
> me to set up a working lab as well.  Attending will be non-profit computer
> refurbishers from all over the country (and some international as well).
> As a part of my presentation, I'd like to present a list of schools and
> businesses who are running LTSP--both to show some of the scope of
> implementation, and also to serve as a resource.  If you would be
> comfortable being listed, would you please send me a note with your contact
> information?
> Last month I helped a charter school in Hawaii install K12LTSP, and I am
> working with the Candian government to set up 2,000 LTSP labs in Kenya,
> Africa (which should be about 40,000 workstations).  For the last 16 years
> my company has refurbished computer equipment, and schools and school
> districts have been some of our most consistent customers.  I have three
> demonstrations of K12LTSP scheduled this month, and I am interested in
> providing K12LTSP installation and consulting as a part of our services.  I
> would also welcome any help, advice, or contact related to this as well.  
> I really appreciate all who have worked to create such a great use for used
> computers, and I have found this list to be an enormously helpful resource.

I think this list would be useful in other ways. I have a bunch of 
schools in this state that would really benefit from this, but they need 
to know that it is being used elsewhere and have contacts to talk to 
before believing a wild eyed scientist.

I would also like to get a good list of refurbishers.. I have a long 
list of non-profits with small pockets and they would like to get a good 
list of people to buy from.

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