[K12OSN] serial mouse problem and getting desparate

John P. Conlon jconlon1 at elp.rr.com
Sat Sep 11 02:59:55 UTC 2004

I need to get a serial port track ball working in 4.1
When I installed i got the list of mice to choose from but when I 
selected the correct drive choice I was not given the port selection 
choice that was prsent in 4.0.1.

Now after installation is complete on a stand alone machine, how do I  
install the serial track ball?  I have a student who can't move her arms 
but can move her fingers, barely.  I did not install the ltsp option 
when I set this machine up so I don't have an lts.conf file to modify.

Where do I need to look?
What do I need to modify?
How do I modify it?


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